Stacks Image 841
First Land, First Route: Path with Branching Trails
Stacks Image 848
First Land, Second Route: Path upwards through Forest
Stacks Image 855
First Land, Third Route: Path between Two Trees
Stacks Image 862
Second Land, First Route: Path between Birch and Orange-Leaved Tree
Stacks Image 869
Second Land, Second Route: Path with Converging Trail
Stacks Image 876
Second Land, Third Route: Path through Large Boulders
Stacks Image 883
Third Land, First Route: Path by Uphill Steps
Stacks Image 890
Third Land, Second Route: Path past Birches
Stacks Image 897
Third Land, Third Route: Path to Gnarled Tree
Stacks Image 904
Fourth Land, First Route: Path past Odd Tree
Stacks Image 911
Fourth Land, Second Route: Path at Outskirts of Forest
Stacks Image 918
Fourth Land, Third Route: Path through Open Fence

Virtual Lands, 2015-2016

Virtual Lands is a photographic project that blurs the boundaries between photography and video games. The project blends the visual language and aesthetic of both mediums and complicates the separation of virtual, physical and real.

The project consists of photo-manipulated landscape images that are created by combining a physical photographic process with computer-based software processing. The creative decisions and input of the artist and the computational software procedures used by the computer are equally vital in the creation of the imagery and the project’s images are the result of a human-machine cooperation. The resulting images depict traversable landscapes with routes intended for exploring and navigating the virtual lands. The images also entice us to imagine the various reasons for exploring and navigating through the landscapes. The visual quality and aesthetic of the imagery is greatly influenced by video game graphics and aesthetics and the artist has made great efforts in researching and exploring the sophisticated visuals and graphics of contemporary video games.

The project originates from a personal interest in the creative potential and abilities of both mediums and an admiration and appreciation for photography and video games as versatile mediums. The project is inspired by a fascination towards the effects of historical and contemporary technologies on our perception of physical and virtual realities. The project is also inspired by future developments in technology, society and culture.

Virtual Lands is part of a long-term exploration into the historical and contemporary relationships between photography and video games.