It's Alive!

So there we are - the new and improved website design is officially live! Like Doctor Frankenstein I’m both excited and a bit terrified of the birth of this page. But I’m far more happy with the new design than I ever was with the previous design.

Please send me a message if you notice any functionalities that need work - constructive criticism is much appreciated.

Also, the Print Portfolio is currently empty as I’m updating the portfolio itself. In the future, the portfolio will be updated and rotated frequently.

I’m also exploring the option of including a Shop page where I sell prints directly. Needs some exploring as to my alternatives and how to get it to work. I suppose PayPal and a Big Cartel page would work well. But as I said, still exploring the options.

The Frustration of a Perfect Wed Design

I’ve always enjoyed graphic design as well as creating aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning designs. But if there is something that frustrates me endlessly it has to be web design. It is surprisingly easy to create a mediocre website and leave it at that. However, my perfectionist tendencies get the better of me and often I end up pulling hairs out during the process. Below is just a comparison of the Home pages of the old and the new design. I truly love the theme I used previously but I decided to go with a more streamlined look this time. The fact is that I enjoy having far too much text along with my images and the new theme includes text incredibly well.